It takes a certain style of moderating to get respondents to open up and give the essential, deep findings companies crave. With over 15 years experience in the field of qualitative research, Julianna Christie knows how to put respondents at ease, creating environments of trust and transparency that lead to revealing, frank insights. She does this with the same methods and modes that she brings to her facilitation: a spirit of play and humor with a focus on keeping forward momentum. The results from her unique approach are often real, new, and up-to-date insights into consumer groups and categories.

The truth-seeking approach of Julianna's moderating leads to findings that are that much more relevant. Gray Matter reports portray compelling, accurate representations of a target audience.

With its longevity in the industry as an independent boutique research house, and Julianna's personal attention to every phase of each research project, Gray Matter produces studies with a special standard of excellence and reliability.

Julianna, above all else, values the connections and friendships she has made with the clients and associates who continue to contract with her on research projects.

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