brainstorming • coming to agreements • marketing strategy
visioning • team building • creative problem solving
One theme is apparent on a project with Julianna Christie as a facilitator: things get done, goals are met, and everyone has a blast.

Julianna applies the same principles of her executive coaching to group facilitation and creative problem solving. As a result, teams often walk away with skills and memorable creative triggers to apply to future projects and situations. Julianna facilitates in a way that teaches teams how to work together fluidly and maintain a welcoming, creative environment.

During a project, Julianna acts as an instructive model, giving permission and guidance for the spontaneous and expressive conduct that serves creative inspiration and action. A master of games and questions that keep left and right sides of the brain nimble, Julianna keeps energy moving forward and inspires everyone to keep playing.

There are, of course, trade secrets only revealed once a team is working with Julianna. Sources close to Gray Matter, however, have confirmed that stickers are an integral part of Julianna's facilitation methods.

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